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What is Scootle?

Scootle is a secure online teaching and learning environment providing access to all Le@rning Federation digital curriculum content. It enables users to easily find the digital resources in direct relationship to curriculum.
Who is it for?

Scootle was designed and developed for teacher education students and teachers to access and use the national digital resources.
What does Scootle do?

The browse and search functions of Scootle currently associate resources with each state curriculum syllabus or framework.
Teachers can easily and quickly find interactive learning objects, images, audio files and movie clips using browse, search and filter technologies.
Scootle allows a teacher to create learning paths for a class and to customise resource collections to meet individual student needs.

Scootle's Potential

Scootle can be scaled to support large numbers of users. It will be aligned with the developing national curriculum requirements as they are implemented.
Scootle now has exmaplars on effective teaching practice adn more alignment with the forthcoming Australian Curriculum - do a SEARCH on TPACk in Scootle to find out this information.

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